This is the saga of our home planet . . . Earth . . . and her progeny, the human race. Our mission: To seek out our origins, our past and our future; to fathom the forgotten history bequeathed us by our ancestors—a record compiled by prophets, seers and revelators; to decipher their epic message; to uncover the foundations of all religion and tradition; to boldly go where only visionaries have gone before.

Ancient Planetary History

Sacred records, ancient cultural traditions, mythology and cosmology all cry out to us, relating a very different planetary history for our planet Earth than the one currently taught in our educational institutions. The truth of the matter is that we should learn to heed the consistent message of the ancients, including the prophets, who were eyewitnesses to past cosmic events. We must heed the message they sought to convey if we ever hope to grasp the greatest story ever told, the same message taught by cultures and religions the world over.

Cutting Edge Science

Plasma physics and the concepts of the Electric Universe provide the scientific underpinnings, the cutting edge science for understanding the correct history of our planet. They provide an abundance of testible hypotheses that explain the assertions of the ancients in the records they have bequeathed us, assertions that can only appear fantastic and unbelievable in current scientific thinking. Further, they provide accurate predictions of electrical phenomena in the cosmos that are consistently unanticipated and poorly explained by orthodox astronomy.

The Restored Gospel

The teachings of the prophet, Joseph Smith, the concepts presented in modern revelation, the enigmatic metaphors employed by the prophets when describing their visions, as well as the symbolism and ritual found in temples, ancient and modern, all become plain to the understanding and rich in meaning when considered in light of this novel view of ancient planetary history and cutting edge science as they relate to the Restored Gospel. No other interpretation even comes close. Embracing these ideas opens the door to profound truths and an enhanced understanding and appreciation for the Restoration that is otherwise denied us. It enlarges the soul, enlightens the mind and uplifts the spirit of all who experience it.

Online Classes

Discover for yourself how enlightening and expansive this information can be. See the anecdotal and documentary evidence that Joseph Smith embraced an entirely different view of past planetary history than we are taught. Learn how to understand the arcane and enigmatic imagery the prophets used in the scriptures. You need not be a prophet yourself to understand the "language of the prophets." Learn to read the most perplexing and puzzling passages of scripture as easilly as you read a newspaper or magazine. See for the first time the message of the modern endowment. Your appreciation for and comprehension of the Restored Gospel will grow exponentially, as will your testimony. Register today for the Online Classes (see the button at the top of the page) and receive 16 hours of personal instruction on these vital topics. Every Latter-day Saint should know these things.